8:30 Welcome and Introductions- Shannon and Sheryl

- Rate Yourself- Where are you on the developmental continuum of a 21st Century Administrator- on a “know nothing” to “know everything” scale? (Please take one of the colored dots on the table and place it on the needs assessment chart.)

- Blog Your Intro-

- Workshop Wiki- create free account (Don't create wiki yet) and request to join (upper left hand corner)

- Table Introductions- Example of best use of technology in your district (brag a little)

Overarching Goals of Workshop

1. PRIMARY OBJECTIVE - For you to go back and meet as a team and established shared norms for how/when you will meet f2f, share what you are learning, and determine both a personal learning goal and a team learning goal.

2. To expose you to several tools and strategies used to make connections with content experts beyond the four walls of your classroom.

3. To network you with each other as a community so we can learning together and from each other.

4. To promote the knowledge, skills and sense of urgency for 21st Century teaching and learning.

9:00 Project at a Glance- Jenny and Shannon

- Plan for Year 1 & Year 2

- A Quick Look at the Virtual Tools we will use

  1. Wiki -
  2. Blog -
  3. VLC (NING) -
  4. Elluminate Room-
    Moderator link-
    Guest link-
  5. Delicious Tag - erie1eett
  6. Slideshare-

9:30 Dimensions of Change- Setting the Stage and Facilitated Discussion- Sheryl

10:30 Break

10:45 The 21st Century Administrator - Leading the Change - Sheryl, Shannon, Jenny

- Guest Presenter via Skype- Karen Richardson

- What do why mean by 21st Century Skills or 21st Century teaching and learning?

- NETS for teachers, students, and leaders

- Building 21st Century Skills (an exploration of Route 21)

- Sharing

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Digital Citizenship- Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

1:30 Needs Assessment and LoTi Overview - Shannon, Jenny, and Sheryl

2:15 Break

2:25 Collaboration as a Community: Intro to NING

3:30 Dismiss