HEY! I'm Andy Robinson, a senior from Christian Central Academy. Unlike Robbie or Eric I haven't been involved in anything awesome like creating an internet extravaganza, but I still participate in some pretty awesome stuff. I have largely been involved with the children’s program at my church by being a sort of tech junkie. I run tech every 3rd month for the kid’s program and prepare a monthly program ready for presentation. I work with programs such as Audacity, Media Shout and Power Point. Technology is a large part of my life seeing that I do ALL my homework with it. I find that’s a great way to express yourself in a cool sort of way. Instead of making a board game out of poster board I would be the one to create one using a Jeopardy template. I love being creative and using technology for school projects. Some of my hobbies include soccer, soccer and oh yeah, soccer. I also like to hang out with friends and just relax and have a good time. I like playing Xbox 360 and watching T.V. (the best show ever is 24). I hope to go on next year and attend Rochester Institute of Technology and pursue a career in Criminal Justice while participating in the Air Force ROTC. I like taking an idea and putting that idea into a technological sense, hopefully making it interesting and entertaining to the viewer. Yeah so that’s pretty much it, not really, but enough to get started; by the way I like to drive. J