Category 1: National Standards Alignment; Teaching and Learning (CIAC.)

Technology Scope & Sequence Examples

  1. Tools & Templates for planning with technology (TICAL)
  2. Jay School Coorporation Technology Scope & Sequence
  3. Peters Township High School 9-12 Scope & Sequence
  4. King George County School Website- provides information about scope and sequence split up by grade level and includes information about staff development for technology integration.

On-line Learning
  1. NEA Article: Guide to On-line Course
  2. Maryland Virtual School Program - brochure outlines a program developed for students to get high school credits.

Tools for Distance Learning

  1. SKYPE - skype site, uses in education (Coolcat blog)
  2. Elluminate - elluminate site
  3. DimDim - dimdim site
  4. Moodle - contact BOCES to get training and server space

- ways to bring families and community on board with the technology we use in our schools (tech open house?)
- home to school connections with technology

Category 4: Professional Development
- professional development time (time on Thursdays?); having more teachers set up in the role to turn key to others; having consistent training
- 1:1 instructional time with teachers
- being more open, get more training on newer technologies; stick with the changes
- a week in the summer for all staff during which you can work on integrating technology into your curriculum

Category 5: Hardware and Software

- the need for hardware to get the job done (but what comes first?)
- update our software (outdated software is hampering teachers)
- we are missing the teachable moments

Category 6: Controls and Barriers; Ethics
- access limitations (content filtering) through BOCES
- removal of restrictions to the use of iPods and cell phones in the classroom
- kids are ready to focus on technology, but are we? We are getting in our own way.
- limitations on teachers (storage space on webpages)
- how do we deal with students who make the wrong choices with technology?
- teach students to positively use technology, and internet safety.