Digital Citizenship Resources

Kenton County School District Provides resources and links centered around Digital Citizenship standards established by the ISTE NETS. Includes sources for teachers and students, as well as downloadable lesson plans for learning about digital citizenship.
Favorite Links: (student activity), (staff PD activities), (K-12 curriculum for safe internet use)

Podcasting Resources

Microbe World Lesson Title: Intimate Strangers: Unseen life on EarthThis lesson consists of 4 main lesson themes that incorporate 10 video podcast episodes about microbiology. Each lesson is accompanied by a well articulated lesson description that includes hand outs and links to other resources. Subject: middle school & secondary science (7-12), biology, living environment

Radio WillowWeb is the website of Willowdale Elementary school students who have developed a radio show 'for kids, by kids'. Subject (s): various subject matter presented by the students of Willowdale Elementary.

Podcast Pickle directory of podcasts sorted by subject matter. Includes podcast ratings and subscription options. Subject (s): various subjects

NewsHour this site to subscribe to podcast series, as well as download podcast and audio resources. Subject(s): secondary current events, social studies, communication arts, technology, science, and journalism class

Our City Podcasts Resource Information:Another podcasting site 'for kids, by kids'. This site includes various podcasts from classrooms around the US and Canada. Podcasts are also geotagged so users can search by content or area. There are also instructions on how your classroom can create and submit podcasts to be posted on the website. Grade Level/Subject: elementary & middle school (3 - 8), civics, geography, community

Video Production Resources
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Digital Media comprehensive website directory of resources for creating digital media in the classroom.

external image cityvision.jpg?height=57&width=420City Voices, City Visions excellent local resources that showcases local digital video projects in Western New York.

Microsoft Lesson Plans: Animation Antics cross-curricular lesson that integrates technology using clay animation. Example of a movie created by 7 year olds (edited for length)
//Polly saves the day//

external image readwritethink.gifReadWriteThink: Creating Public Service Announcements lesson provides detailed instructions and resources for using digital video to develop public service announcements about moral & ethical issues.