Project Description: Year 1 (July - Dec. 2008)
Participating public school districts will be represented by a Technology Leadership Team, which consists of an administrator, a technology resource person and two collaborating teachers (optional for the Year 1). Technology Leadership Teams will commit to attending 4 face-to-face workshops, beginning July 14th, 2008 and ending December 8th, 2008, where the participants will explore and use a variety of web-based tools to engage in critical discussions about the integration of 21st Century strategies and skills in education. Technology Leadership Teams will work with two Erie 1 BOCES coordinators to effectively use web-based tools, identify follow-up activities, and/or plan on-site professional development. All of these activities will lead to a culminating Learning Showcase in December 2008, at which Technology Leadership Teams will present their experiences. The project will be led by nationally-respected consultant Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, and will be supported by two Erie 1 BOCES coordinators, Shannon Logan and Jenny Conklin.

Project Description: Year 2 (Jan - Dec. 2009)
Teams will begin the year by attending a kickoff face-to-face workshop in February of 2009. Additionally, there will be two (one in the spring and one in the fall) full day workshops with the TLT BOCES coordinators for each of the four primary content areas (a total of 6-8 workshops). Participants will attend the workshops that interest them the most. Just prior to each content area workshop, teams will attend two virtual Webinars in Elluminate (one in the spring and one in the fall) featuring national presenters who will discuss strategies for embedding 21st Century skills and pedagogy into content area, standards-driven curriculum.

Each TLT will continue their work with the two BOCES coordinators to identify goals and implement developed action plans through activities/staff development in their district and schools. Students will join the teams in year two and will attend three, one hour Elluminate sessions of their own (accompanied by an adult team member) and then participate in follow-up discussions and activities on the EETT wiki.

At the end of both year one and year two, Technology Leadership Teams (TLTs) will present at a Learning Showcase. Year One’s showcase will focus on learned 21st century skills and strategies. In year two, TLTs will work closely with faculty and student team members to develop and implement a high quality, inquiry-based lessons/units aligned with national technology standards and New York state curriculum. TLTs will present lessons/units at the Year 2 Learning Showcase, which will also serve as the project's culminating activity.