Goal 1: To develop leaders in technology integration who will be able to adopt and regularly use effective 21st Century strategies and skills, as defined by The Partnership for 21st Century Skills and enGuage 21st Century Skills
Goal 2: To develop leaders in technology who will be able to collaborate in a sustained professional learning network using a blended approach of online communities, Web 2.0 tools, and school-based collaboration.

Goal 3: To build capacity for district leaders to turnkey the learning opportunities within each leading teams’ school and district, including how to support staff in this new learning environment.

• Provide knowledge and strategies to assist teachers in meeting the needs of students.
• Engage administrators as advocates for 21st Century learning skills as they support their teachers and students with and through technology.

Goal 4: To create and disseminate high quality, inquiry-based lessons aligned with 21st Century learning.

• Align 21st Century skills with NYS learning standards and NETS.
• Use quality assessment tools to determine effectiveness and influence of new lessons on students’ success in reaching standards

Evaluation Matrix