"The main problem is not the absence of innovation in schools, but rather the presence
of too many disconnected, episodic, fragmented, superficially adorned projects."Fullan, M., (2001), The New Meaning of Educational Change, New York: Teachers’ College Press

Examples of 21st Century Projects

Alabama Schools
More Alabama artificats
Randolph CSD
Springville Griffithncrel.gif
Trace Your Trash
Our Lost Children
The Lovett School
Paideia School's Pi 2.0 Class
Charlotte Country Day
Harpeth Hall
Greater Atlanta Christian
Presbyterian Day School
Randolph School
Lunch 2.0
K12 Learning 2.0 & 23 Things
FAQ- Learning 2.0
Lakeview Academy
David Lipscomb
Bolles School

Other Project Ideas

Flat Classroom Project
23Thingsters (NING)