Student Advisory Teams

Registering for the Student Advisory
In order to participate in the Student Advisory, ALL teacher-student teams must register online @ STUDENT ADVISORY REGISTRATION FORM. In addition to the on-line registration, parents/guardians of participating students are required to complete the Parent Permission Form. The Parent Permission Form must be received before students can participate in any activities.

Parent Permission Form (updated 9/22/09)

Student Advisory Meeting Dates

September 29, 2009 3:30—4:30pm

October 13, 2009 3:30—4:30pm

October 26, 2009 3:30– 4:30pm

November 9, 2009 3:30—4:30pm

November 10, 2009 3:30—4:30pm

November 16, 2009 3:30—4:30pm

BOLD: These will be Face-to-Face meetings at Erie 1 BOCES Education Campus.

Students will attend these one hour sessions in Elluminate (an online conferencing tool that connects learners across networks) and follow-up with online discussions and activities via the **project wiki**. They should also play an integral role in developing the inquiry-based lesson/unit aligned with 21st Century Learning. At the end of the project, TLT members will be surveyed on the extent to which student voice impacted the development of the project lessons, and ways in which student input was effective.

At the end of year two, Technology Leadership Teams (TLTs) will present at the December 3rd, 2009 Learning Showcase. In year two, TLTs will work closely with faculty and student team members to develop and implement a high quality, inquiry-based lessons/units aligned with national technology standards and New York state curriculum. TLTs will present lessons/units at the Year 2 Learning Showcase, which will also serve as the project's culminating activity.

How will this be done?
Specifically, your student team member’s involvement will create a new powerful conversation stream that will elevate student voice and build strong and positive relationships between school teams and student leaders.

1. Each team will choose up to (3) student leaders to be part of their EETT team at the school. We suggest you look for students who: (1) show an intuitive understanding of classroom lesson plan objectives and consistently find creative means for demonstrating mastery; (2) are good at completing tasks; (3) have exhibited leadership and teamwork skills; and (4) are known as “idea generators.” We will need your team's student advisors’ names and an email address for communication as soon as possible. (This email address can belong to the adult team member who will sponsor the students on the team. Team leaders will also be cc'd on any communication to student advisors.

2. Once the student agrees to participate in an advisory role, we will need a copy of the signed media release form (see above) for this student participate.

3. Through the interactive Elluminate sessions (1 hour each), we will teach valuable digital citizenship skills to your student team members as well as help them to plan a student project that they will share at the Year 2 Learning Showcase. These sessions will be attended by the student advisor and a team member sponsor. The sponsorship can be shared by the team. Invitation reminders with the Elluminate links will be sent to the adult team sponsor.

What will we do at our first session?
Session 1- This will be a "getting to know you" session where students will introduce themselves and talk about ways they use technology in their personal and academic lives. We will have an informal conversation about social networks, and digital safety just to get a feel for where students are and how, if at all, technology is being used in their classrooms.

Student Wiki
Then we give a short orientation our EETT project wiki for Student Advisors that we will be using with them over the course of year 2 of the EETT work. As part of a follow-up to Session 1 there will be articles for them to review (one for 4-6th and one for 7th-11th ) and a discussion prompt. There will also be a short online survey.

Descriptions for the other scheduled sessions, examples of possible student projects, and other information will be available on the EETT Student Advisory wiki. (Which will be shared at our September 29th, 2009 meeting.) We will share the archives of the meetings and any feedback gained from the student advisors that informs our work and helps your teams further understand the 21st Century Learner's perspective on our wiki.

Questions & Comments
Email Sheryl at or give her a call 757-450-3784