Workshop Description
Wikis are quickly becoming one of the most vital Web 2.0 tools in 21st Century Learning due to their dual nature. Not only do they serve as a website, but they act as a working document that promotes collaboration. With so many wiki applications and sites on the internet, it can become overwhelming to begin the publication process. This workshop will help you and your teams determine which application will suit your needs and help you create a wiki space that will be successful in meeting your goals.

Workshop Goals
Participants will
  1. discuss the purpose and usefulness of wikis to a professional learning community,
  2. evaluate various models of wikis to determine quality and ease of use,
  3. create a wiki using various on-line resources,
  4. discover ways to integrate wikis into educational settings.

Workshop Modules

  1. Introduction to Wikis
  2. Essentials for Successful Wikis
  3. Wikis & Education
  4. Create your own Wiki
  5. Rate your wiki!